Our free book answers life’s most important questions, including...

Who is Jesus?, and What is God’s will for my life?

Individuals who might enjoy reading our free book include:

  • Those who think the Bible is difficult to read, and equally difficult to understand
  • Those who would like to know God's grand plan - especially around pain and suffering
  • Those who would like to know who Jesus really is
  • Those who want to understand God’s will for their life

The book also answers the important question: “Why am I here?” which could be especially meaningful if you have been searching for this answer.

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Go ahead and save our free e-book to your computer and then send it to others. You can email our e-books to everybody that you know, and even to people that you don’t know, who might like to understand God’s will for their life. The only requirement is that our e-books may not be copied in whole, or in any part thereof, and sold for profit without the prior written consent of the author and publisher. If you would like to copy or reproduce our e-book all parts must remain intact and our copyright page, which includes our copyright mark and the publisher’s name/address and web site address, must remain in the copied or printed version. It is the goal of the author of this book to reach everybody in the world with the free gift that is described throughout this book.

Our other language books

Our book is also available in other languages, visit our Languages Supported page and Download Center.

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