Study Guides

Would you like to do some Bible study around our book? As you read our book, or listen to our audio book, you will see that we included nearly 700 Bible verses in our book (all footnotes) to support everything that we said. This provides for a great Bible study as you continue to read, study, and learn about God's will for your life!

Our Study Guide aligns with our Audio Book

Our two study guides (below) have been developed to align with our audio book. You can open our study guide, and then press “play” on our audio book, and when you hear the answer to the question in front of you simply press the “pause” button on our audio book and write down the answer.

You will also find this very powerful for group discussion and learning -- you can learn together! You can pause our audio book at any time so you can discuss what is being said. Everybody will have their own understanding (and maybe perception) of what the Bible says in a certain area so it will be good to stop the audio book often to see what questions people have. When it comes to Bible study – all questions are good!

Study Guide - Understand God's Will - for the Student
Study Guide - Understand God's Will - for the Group Leader
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