Eyes are being opened to the Majesty of God's grand plan!

The personal testimonies below have come in from readers all over the world... India, Haiti, Chile, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Kenya, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Korea, Philippines, Uganda, Ghana, Mexico, and the United States of America--and more are coming! So be sure to check back in a few days!

Pastor Asa - Uganda:

I have been following your work and reading your free book Understand God's Will. There is no clearer and divinely inspired book on earth as this. May God richly bless you for all the time and resources invested in this soul winning work. When I started reading this book I was facing so many challenges in my life and ministry but am so grateful that it has brought me back on track and am now walking in agreement with my God and in line with my calling.

Alex B. - Uganda:

My ministry is not going to remain the same because of reading this book "Understand God's Will for My Life". Let me know when to start translating the book into the Runyankore language. I am ready to get started.

Apostle Morgan Ebenezer O. - Ghana:

I have great testimony about this great book Understanding the Will of God in my life. God bless Brother Jim. This book has transformed my life. My name is Apostle Morgan Ebenezer O. I am from Tema in Ghana and I am a pastor of church in Ghana. In the month of April Archbishop Sunday came to Ghana with some copies of the book. One copy was given. When I read it my life changed. Right now I am using it to teach my members. My church has changed. Many souls have been added to the church. Pls sir we need more than 1000 copies for church and for crusades.

Archbishop Sunday U. - Nigeria:

A crusade was held in Uokha in Owan East Local Government of Edo State Nigeria with this book of Understand God's Will. In the crusade 50 people gave their lives to Christ. It was great. A new branch church was opened there. By the grace of God the church is growing. We had over 600 people attending the crusade. The book was shared to all. There is a create need for the books now because more souls are touched every day.

Pastor Mrs. Joy I. - Nigeria:

I wish to testify about this book "Yes, I Want to Understand the Will of God in My Life". This book has turn my life and ministry around. I received 20 copies which I use in teaching my church members. Many gave their lives to Christ. Everyday the church keep increasing and we use it for evangelism. Many members are looking for copies now. God bless you Bro Jim for blessing me and my family.

Rev. Job Daniel - India:

Our books were distributed to many pastors from different districts in Andhra Pradesh state...we distributed nearly 200 books to glorify his name and expand his kingdom in unreached areas. They all were so happy to receive our books and we prayed together for our UGW India ministry. So many sparks for christ. We're just beginning and things will never be the same again!

Gloria M. - Goma:

Thank you very much for this book. I am blessed, may God bless you. I received it by the Association Good Smell of Christ.

Pastor Hilaire K.W. - DR Congo:

Be blessed, brother. I read with enthusiasm your book Understand God's Will for My Life. All 6 chapters are a great blessing.

Jilson D. - Goma:

I received your book from the founder of the Association Good Smell of Christ. It touched me a lot and change my decision and almost all my life, now I begin to understand the will of God on my life. May God bless the man of God Jim Harper, and may He bless the Association Good Smell of Christ who played the intermediation between us and Understand God's Will.

Rachel K. - Goma:

Shalom!!! I have just read your book “Understanding the will of God for my life” and this book edified me a lot in the knowledge of the word of God, especially in his chapter 4 which says I was created to know the great plans of God. In this chapter I was able to know the great wonderful plans that God has on me in Ephesians 1: 4, pg. 55 of this book. Thank you, Brother Jim Harper, may God bless you. This book was distributed to me by the association Good Smell of Christ in DRC in the city of Goma.

Sam P. - India:

I am reading through your book Understand God's Will and it's wonderful teachings of God. It is a very good book. As I read through it, I am learning God's will. Thank you so much for God's wisdom.

Joseph E. - Uganda:

I have read this book myself as well as most of the pastors that serve with me in Eastern Uganda. I must say that their love and commitment to God has never been the same from the time they received the book in early 2018.

Garvase K. - Uganda:

Thanks for the book. I have read it and I want to assure you it's a life changer!

Ezekiel K. - Kenya:

I happened to read this book Understand Gods Will and it gave me answers to the most deep questions that I ever asked myself. I would like to get as many copies as possible so that the church members may have a copy to read.

John O. - Kenya:

Shalom. Thanks a lot got sixty books from Daniel and hope to distribute them as from next week in our Mombasa mission then Lodwar and Kakuma will follow. We live in a critical point in history. Many different voices are speaking and positioning themselves to grasp our time and attention. Man of God, I believe, having read the book, you heard the Voice of God and experienced the transformative consequence of living one's life with knowledge and adherence to the truth. Many are perishing, experiencing emptiness, frustration, hopelessness and in many cases false hopes because of affixing faith to half truths. In this book, you have presented the full truth of the gospel and the Word of God in simplicity and clarity. God's blessing and favor continually be upon you and praying for you and family.

Udaykiranummadi U. - India:

Thank you dear Jim, wonderful book of Jesus. I will pray that whoever reads this book will be saved and go to heaven.

Isingoma Y. - Kampala:

I am a teacher specialized in special needs education. I am happy to tell I finished reading the book. The number of revelations contained in this book are enough to make it suitable for all of us. Indeed, it gives a lot of inspiration. I couldn't sleep comfortably until I finished to read the whole book because of the revelations it contains.

Pastor Godfrey M. - Bungoma:

Blessings. Surely you have been a blessing to my life through your book. May God expand this ministry to all Nations.

Book Recipient - Kenya:

It is true that the word of God remains powerful to His servants especially those who understands God's will in their life ..challenges may come to test our faith, but we must conquer evil by doing good. I thank God for using you to deliver His message to the world. May I also take this opportunity to humbly submit our sincere gratitude to you on behalf of the our congregation for your support and donation of study books (Yes, I Want to...Understand God's will for my life). This book is fruitful in encouraging, moulding behaviour, giving the truth on how to relate with God and one another, tackling challenges and growing spiritually, we request that you always stand firm with us. May God bless you abundantly. Blessings

Ezekiel K. - Kenya:

I am so inspired with the first book I've read that is Understand Gods will in my life, it answers very important questions that a believer may ask to know.I would like to get the printed books to assist others who cannot access the website.

Justin K. - Uganda:

I am in Uganda. I love ur book..Understand God's will for my life. That book has transformed my life. I’m ready to spread the Gospel with u! in different places .... be blessed”

Mark D. - Malawi:

Brother Jim this book is more than good as it is changing my life each day as I go through it and I hope it will change many lives in Central Africa.

Pastor Emmanuel S. - Nairobi:

My brother, I'm part of this great vision, when information reaches leaders, it has already reached many people. Even though I haven't seen hard copies of books (only through the internet) I have powerful knowledge.


Thank you so much for giving me your book. It was so wonderful and a great treasure. When I went home for the holidays here in Rwanda I told friends and family about your book. I now wish for all of my friends to have it. God was speaking to me through your book. God bless you, I look forward to receive your next book.

Agnes S. - Kenya:

I am a widow and mother of four children. I read one of your books which I got in my friend's house and it uplifted me so much, that is why I have decided to write you. I am saved this morning in the Lord. Thank you for encouraging me. May God bless you so much.

Josphat O. - Kenya:

Thanks so much my dear servant of God through your book you have become great blessing to me and my ministry, I use the book for bible study in my church and fellowship.

Connie - USA:

I enjoyed your book immensely! It really simplifies the Gospel for new believers and it would be very beneficial to my students. I currently have 30 students enrolled at Teen Challenge's Anderson Academy and they range from 13 years old to 18 years old. I'd be grateful to receive some copies of your book for my students. Thank you and I pray that God's hand of favor will continue to bless you and yours.

Boaz K. - Kenya:

Thank you for your gift of the books. I was blessed when Pastor Hassan was teaching us. We now know and understand God's will in our lives.

Tej S. - Nepal:

Your book is great inspiration, guidance and encouragement for me. I am getting many answers of my question since long time of my Christian faith. Now I am clear about "free will", I am clear about God allows Satan to tempt us to make our faith strong in Him and how to resist the temptation and any deceive of evil and walk in the faith in God. Thank you brother.

Anthony R.G. - Pakistan:

After listening to your audiobook on mixcloud.com I have come to the will of God for my life.


I am a born again believer and also an evangelist. This book is very inspiring and helpful. It has given me more wisdom and insights from the word of God and understanding His will upon my life in full detail and made me aware of what I am capable.

Pastor Dismas A. - Kenya:

I am happy and appreciate to have received a copy of your book titled "Understand God's will for my life" I understand my life was made for a mission. 1. To know God, made in his own image living through difficulties as a chart to his plans for a mission. I appreciate and ready to work as spark for the accomplishments of God's plan. Send more books for our pastors who lives in remote rural areas in Kenya who are not able to access internet.

Dorothy - USA:

I am 80 years old and it is the best book I have ever read - and I have read a lot of books!

Rwamagira X. - Rwanda:

I continue to pray and preaching good news of Jesus Christ to the nearest churches, friends and other persons I could meet. I started downloding your books read them and spread the good news as much as I can, and I found that they are so amazing since they are realy a good tool for the reader to get connected to God almighty spiritualy. Here in the village so many people asked me how they can get a copy of some of your books because not every body can access the soft and/or translated in the mother tongue. So I told them that I will ask if they can get some. I wish they may reach to many people as possible. May God bless you and your family.

Tej B. S. - Nepal:

I am reading your book more I read more I am interested. Your book is easy to understand and very effective for new and old Christian to get many unsolved question in their mind. I personally thank you for publishing this great book. God's vision and His direction is within you. I am finding many answers in my heart since long time. I hope your book will be more demanding in Nepal and thus it will glorify the name of above all name Jesus Christ by the power of the holy spirit. Amen.

William - USA, Incarcerated:

By the time I got to chapter 5 and asked God to forgive me of my sins, I was overwhelmed. Thank you for writing this book!!

Apostle Samwel O. - Kenya:

Yesterday was the blessed day ever in my life since i gave my life to Christ 20 years ago. My Spiritual Son in the ministry gave a me a call and told me about this wonderful gift (Understand God's Will for Me). He Blessed my heart with five copies of this wonderful and a blessing book to my life and my Ministry. 4 Church members have already benefited from the book and it is like this book has a big demand, thank you very much and may God bless you and your Ministry.

Pastor Charles:

I am so grateful and I thank so much Jim Harper who is teaching me more and more about the Word of God through His wonderful book “Understand God's will for my life" and this is really helping me in enlightening my spirit in my preaching ministry and anointing my gift to be a shepherd of His sheep.

Daniel T. - Kenya:

Dear Brother Jim, I am glad that God enabled you to write this book under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The world is amazed! All people who have a chance to hold this precious book in his/her hands, must acknowledge that it is a book not written by a scholar but by a spiritual man deeply immersed in the Holy Ghost! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise and Honor be unto the Almighty God who abides forever! Both churches and schools are requesting for copies of this book for teachers, students and believers!!

Anaclet T. - Rwanda:

My name is ANACLET T. I do live in small city in Western province of RWANDA, I am working for a financial institution when I have met with Pastor Jean Felix, he advised me to read the small book entitled "Understand God's will for my life" I have been interested of your wonderful book, I was inspired and being committed to read it and inspiring others.

Phillip B. - Rwanda:

I hope this finds your well. I was blessed to visit Pastor Felix and he shared with me about Understanding God's will for my life. I was really inspired by this book. I came to know God better and his glorious plan to my life. I was given 10 more books to give to my colleague teachers at COLLEGE NAZAREEN DE GISENYI. I would like to make a request of 300 more books to be given to our students so that they may also understand God's plan to their lives too and live according to his will. Thank you very much for your sacrifice Ministry to the Body of Christ and I ensure that your labor to the Lord is not in vain.

Emmerance N. - Rwanda:

May the peace of God be with you! Indeed, I was touched of all details of your book and I have been persuaded of your great love you have for all people around the world including the students of my school. Your book continues to help me in my new journey I started a month ago. There are many and many words and bible verses which encourage me so much. I started to share the good news found in your book to my friends, students who are studying in different secondary schools. I have already 30 youth who need the books. I wish you all the best the peace of God. God bless you.

Pamela - USA:

Your book has changed my life. I took 4 years of bible study classes, which I very much enjoyed, however, I had a difficult time understanding the big picture. Your book was simple to read yet gave great detail and guidance. I felt that God was speaking to me through your writing. I will be sharing your book with my friends and family and will ask that they do the same.

Xavier R. - Rwanda:

I’m glad to greet you in the Holy name of Jesus Christ. I'm appreciating for your Books you have given to us which are called Understand God's Will For My Life. Actually in chapter five it showed me that after this life there is another life and also if we fight Satan with our all power, he will banish in our ways, so for that; there is no reason to lose hope because Jesus is with us. Therefore, I'm agree and accept to spread this message within in this book to my all friends, My family and even in my whole Country. And you also don't give up to help us and strengthen us in the way of knowing God; because The Workers on the job are those God accept Don’t forget to greet your family and whom you work together. God be with you.

John O. - Nyamira County, Kenya:

I am John O. serving the lord at Nyamira county in Kenya. I meet with Pastor Richard from Kisii county who gave me a book which has blessed my heart so much. What really touched my heart is God's grand plan and also God's will and purpose for my life. From these I understand that God has special plan and purpose for me, my family, the church and the ministry. I shared with the church members were really excited and were asking me if they can get some of this books for themselves to study. Brother in the Lord we are unable to get those kind of books and church materials like novals and Bibles. Pray for us so that God can provide for our need so that we can be well equip for God work.

Pastor Richard O. - Kisii, Kenya:

Hi in Christ. Today Sunday I preached on chapter 3 of your book about I might experiencing difficulties because I live in a fallen world. 8 people received Christ as their personal savior amen Glory to God.

Pastor Richard O. - Kisii, Kenya:

Amen brother may the Lord God bless you and the ministry abundantly. Great news yesterday I preach and teach using the books and 20 lost souls received Christ as there personal savior! Glory to our Lord God.

Dave - USA:

Jim, what a GREAT book! So many of my questions have been answered. My life and faith will be making some significant changes, in fact, it has already begun. Somehow "I feel different" now. Thanks again, and thanks for being my friend.

Pastor Cleophas - Uganda:

I wanted to let you know that we had 4 Muslims here in Uganda who converted to Christ after reading your book. After getting the good news, people here are eager to receive many more copies.


After reading this book I gave my life over to Christ. Thank you Lord!

Pastor Jean:

My ministry kindly confesses with our mouths that Jim Harper's book has spiritually lifted us up and brought us closer to the amazing grace of God. Jim has been a preacher to us even though he is not physically in Rwanda, but we pray that we will see him coming to Rwanda soon to teach us face to face. Jim's book "Understand God's will for my life" is truly amazing and is a great book that we have never seen before. His book will help convict and convert many hearts to Christ.

Anonymous - USA:

I just love your book and I gave my neighbor one, can I have more?


Jim, I thank you because many of my questions have been answered. Your amazing book has helped me to know the incredible plan of God. I take this book like my treasure.

Pastor David:

I took print outs of your book all 124 pages. Praise the Lord for your great book reading carefully every page. Pray that God will help me to translate this book into Telugu here in India. Please accept me as your partner in your ministry. Faithfully in Christ.


Today I received Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life. I heard the preaching about the passion of Jesus Christ and I felt the Holy Ghost touching my heart. Immediately I decided to stop such evil doing and as I receive good teachings from brother Jim Harper by reading his book “Understand God’s will for my life.” I am feeling as anointed to continue further serving the Lord.


I have been serving the Lord for so long in the past, but when I was seriously sick I decided to leave the service for the Kingdom of God and I was converted to Islam. But since I became a Muslim I did not find any joy neither love as the one of Jesus Christ. May our living God bless you abundantly dear brother Jim Harper and your wife Charlene for your book “Understand God’s will for my life” which is really helping and comforting me in my spiritual life.

Pastor Jean:

I love your book that you gave me when we met. The chapter six of your book is my great inspiration of all. I would like to invite you to come to Santiago de los Caballeros to share some conference or leadership training with the team of pastors we belong to.


Since I started undergoing the teachings from Jim Harper through His book “Understand God's will for my life,” I am feeling more and more loving Jesus Christ and to be following His way as I find that His Word is really wonderful. I feel that it is a privilege and grace as I got baptized in full immersion.


Dear brother, your book is very wonderful and it has helped me so much in my life. I am so happy to become a spark! I will bring to many youth this light.

Joyce - USA:

I am being blessed as I read your book. One of my passions is writing. I can't even imagine the amount of time you put into this amazing, easy to read, right on book. Love the way you substantiate everything you say with a scripture. Now that I have your book, I can think of several friends I'd like to give it to, so am even more eager.

Pastor Jean:

Thank you dear brother Jim Harper as your teachings found in your book “Understand God’s will for my life” are leading me in my ministry and Christian life. Through your teachings I find that the way of Jesus is a way of genuine pleasure. I have indeed committed to be sharing what I read from your book. So I pray the Lord to choose me among the winners to enter heaven.

Vicky - USA:

"Understand God's will for my life" is a treasure for both the seeker who is searching for meaning and purpose in life, and those who are looking to deepen their faith and learn more from scripture. Jim makes it simple by getting to the core of God's message in a relevant and personal way. If you read his book - it will be life changing.


On page 20 there is a heading "He made you unique and special for a reason." This section helped me to understand why I am different from everyone else and to know my mission will be accomplished.

Darsi - USA:

Jim, God led you to bring His foundational truths "front and center" and make them easy to digest and understand and without watering down their impact or power. Thank you for sharing the Light of the world with everyone! The Lord your God is with you.

Pastor Marc:

It would be a blessing for me and the leader staff to have you visit us to provide seminary and sermon teachings. Believers in Haiti and Dominican Republic could receive grace upon grace.


I praise the Lord Jesus Christ as the teachings from the book of Jim Harper which are showing me God’s ways to follow and I praise Him as I am following His ways because today I have Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior of my life. Why does God allow pain and suffering in the world? This was my daily song in my heart. But now, I have just found my answer on page 36 of Jim's book “Understand God’s will for my life.” Praise the Lord!

Diane - USA:

Thank you for letting me read your book! I can see you put your whole heart into it and I pray the Lord uses it to bring many into a forever relationship with Him!


I found grace when I read the good teachings from the book of Jim Harper. These teachings are really helping so much to grow spiritually because I have decided to follow Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior of my life and then to live in His likeness. Thank you so much Jim & wife Charlene for your wonderful book “Understand God’s will for my life” which really preaches to the people of God. Together we will win as many souls as possible for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tom - USA:

Jim, I visited with my son yesterday. I had given him the book on Easter Sunday and he is reading and enjoying it! Thank God, this will help him be grounded in the faith after a number of years of wandering and it will give him a future to fulfill. Thank you so much.


In your book I learned that I was in God’s plan before I was born. I now wish to be a spark for everyone and in everything that I do. I will start to achieve the purpose of being a spark until the return of Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping me understand!

Nikki - USA:

Jim, your book is AMAZING! I loved it! It is very, very good, and I can imagine a six week study around it. Thank you Jim! I am going to have my Jim read it now, starting at the beginning.


May the Lord bless you so much as you are helping me to change my behavior in a godly way and to serve the Lord during the rest of my life. I will be pleased to further receive more books in our church to give to the many numbers of believers who need your wonderful books.

Della - USA:

Jim, I've been remiss in not acknowledging the amazing job you did with your book! I can't imagine the hours and dedication it took. A real triumph!

Pastor Paul - USA:

Jim Harper has a real & honest faith. It shows in his encouraging & challenging book "Understand God's will for my life." Jim provides answers that connect with everyday life and are firmly grounded in the Bible. Definitely worth the read.

John Peter:

I am so happy to now understand God's will for my life! It is precious to know that I was made for a mission.


I was given a painful physical ailment, which acts as Satan’s messenger to beat me and keep me from being proud. Three times I prayed to the Lord about this and asked him to take it away. But His answer was “My grace is all you need for my power is greatest when you are weak.” I am now proud of my weaknesses in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me. These words in chapter 1 showed me that I am not the only one who has dark spots in my heart, but we all have. This has encouraged me to continue to gain faith in God and love Him more than I did before. Even though my body and Satan are fighting against me, I was made for a mission and I will not be alone but with God.

Chris - USA:

Jim, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to read your book. Wow, I'm just blown away. I LOVED it! It's so important to share the truth and shine the Light for Christ. Love to hear about how God's working through you to help "seek and save the lost" (Luke 19:10, NIV).


All my life I was sinful. The teachings of brother Jim Harper and his book are really a light as I see clearly God’s ways through His various scriptures in the topics. This can be revealed only to faithful servants of God as you are. Praise be to the Lord!

Pastor Aaron - USA:

Jim, I really enjoyed reading the draft version of your book. You have done a fantastic job digging into the Word. You tackle a ton in this book. Once you get it edited and refined...it's going to be a powerful book. Well done!


Dear Jim, your book has helped me in many ways. Before I read your book I did not know who Jesus Christ was - but now your book has helped me to know Him! Your book also taught me how I can follow my God and what is His salvation. It taught me that God lives among us and He has a great plan for my life. Thank you!


After reading your book - I would like to be a spark so I can be a light to those who are in the dark. I don’t know how to thank God who created people like you (Jim Harper) who don’t forget to wake the others who are still sleeping in the dark. The word on page 100 (Be a spark) has made a great thing inside my heart of being a spark. May God bless you for helping me to wake up from the sins.

Tom - USA:

Jim, I just wanted to tell you how enthusiastically the online resources that you have on your web site were received last night and how well your book complimented the nights study "Finding God's will for your life." It was a wonderful study and your book helped me so, to put together discussion points. God was and will be glorified! I can't thank you enough for listening to the Spirit of God and writing and producing this book!


In chapter 2 I learned that God has a plan for me - and that is so wonderful to me! This means that I now understand that I was made for a mission. Thank you so very much!

Jean de Dieu:

In your book, chapter 6, I learned that when you live according to God's Will He will provide you with a supernatural peace and a supernatural joy in your life. This is wonderful for me!

Pastor Clement:

I was born into a Catholic family. I have been therefore attending a Catholic church with both my parents when I was yet very young. Many thanks for our teachers Jim Harper and his wife Charlene as your teachings which I receive through Jim’s book “Understand God’s will for my life” are wonderful, helping me to know well the Scriptures in your teachings. I am delighted when I share your teachings with others in our village. Many thanks and God bless you abundantly as you are faithfully serving Him.


In your book I learned that Satan has no real power over me - other than to try to deceive me. Thank you for telling me who Satan really is!