Table of Contents

Understand God's Will for Your Life

Be sure to read Chapter 4 about God's grand plan!

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 > I Was Made - To Know God

Pg 1     God Will Wait Patiently

Pg 2     He Told Us He Was Coming

Pg 4     Why Did He Need To Live Among Us?

Pg 7     God Wants Us To Know Him

CHAPTER 2 > I Was Made - In God's Image

Pg 13     God Knew What He Was Doing

Pg 20     He Made You Unique and Special for a Reason

Pg 23     He Has a Plan for You

CHAPTER 3 > I Was Made - To Live Through Many Difficulties

Pg 25    I Was Born with a Sinful Nature

Pg 29    I Might Be Experiencing Difficulties Because I am Being Deceived

Pg 34    I Might Be Experiencing Difficulties Because I Live in a Fallen World

Pg 37    I Might Be Experiencing Difficulties Because God is Disciplining Me

Pg 40    What Is God's Standard?

CHAPTER 4 > I Was Made - To Know God's Grand Plan

Pg 42    God Knew Sin Would Rule the World

Pg 45    God's Grand Plan

Pg 48    I Can Know God, Really?

Pg 52    Believing Without Seeing

CHAPTER 5 > I Was Made - To Choose

Pg 65    Before We Die, We Must Choose

Pg 69    How Should I Live after I Put My Trust in God?

Pg 73    You Mean He Will Protect Me? And Comfort Me?

Pg 75    The Lord Will Bless Those Who Obey His Word

CHAPTER 6 > I Was Made - For a Mission

Pg 83    You Were in God's Plan - Before You Were Born

Pg 89    The Gifts You Have Been Given - Are Not For You

Pg 101    You are a Spark

Pg 112   God's Will Be Done


Pg 117  >  Appendix A:  Do You Feel Blessed? You Can Now Bless It Forward!

Pg 119  >  Appendix B:  Fanning Into Flame the Gift of God

Pg 123  >  Appendix C:  It's So Easy to be a Spark!

Pg 125  >  Appendix D:  God's Gift is Free - So Everything We Have is Free!


Pg 129  >   Over 700 Bible Verses to Support Everything that is Written!