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Our Book Distributed in Kenyan Prison

After a spirit-filled message from pastor Richard Onchoke, 400 men and women in a prison in Busia Kenya accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Helping him was the Rev John Taabu Omoke Prison Chaplain. 200 books were handed out. More books will be distributed soon.

Here is a thank you note we received from the head chaplain of the Busia men and women's prison:

On behalf of Busia men and women prison kindly receive my gratitude for the books we received today from Pst Richard Onchoke when he came to preach to the inmates.

We look forward for more partnering with us to help us realize spiritual rehabilitation in our prison facility.

God bless you richly.

Rev John Taabu Omoke, the head chaplain Busia men and women prisons.

Thank you very much once again sir.

Prisoners are happy singing and dancing after receiving Jesus as their Savior and their copy of our book Understand God's Will.