Eyes are being opened to the Majesty of God's grand plan!

The personal testimonies below have come in from readers all over the world... India, Haiti, Chile, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Kenya, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Korea, Philippines, Uganda, Ghana, Mexico, and the United States of America--and more are coming! So be sure to check back in a few days!

Emmerance N. - Rwanda:

May the peace of God be with you! My name is Emmerance student at Groupe Scolaire Mukondo, Rubavu District, Western Province /Rwanda. I was given your email by Pastor Felix from Nain Hope Gospel Ministries. I am the one of those who sent you the testimonies about the good news already received through your wonderful book "Understand God's Will for my life". Indeed, I was touched of all details of your book and I have been persuaded of your great love you have for all people around the world including the students of my school. Your book continues to help me in my new journey I started a month ago. There are many and many words and bible verses which encourage me so much. I started to share the good news found in your book to my friends, students who are studying in different secondary schools. I have already 30 youth who need the books. How can I find them so to give them? I wish you all the best the peace of God. God bless you.

Xavier R. - Rwanda:

I’m glad to greet you in the Holy name of Jesus Christ. My name is Xavier R. I'm from Rwanda, I'm representative of Spark Choir belongs all students from G.S Mukondo. I'm appreciating for your Books you have given to us which are called Understand God's Will For My Life. Actually in chapter five it showed me that after this life there is another life and also if we fight Satan with our all power, he will banish in our ways, so for that; there is no reason to lose hope because Jesus is with us. Therefore, I'm agree and accept to spread this message within in this book to my all friends, My family and even in my whole Country. And you also don't give up to help us and strengthen us in the way of knowing God; because The Workers on the job are those God accept Don’t forget to greet your family and whom you work together. God be with you.

John O. - Nyamira County, Kenya:

I am John O. serving the lord at Nyamira county in Kenya. I meet with Pastor Richard from Kisii county who gave me a book which has blessed my heart so much. What really touched my heart is God's grand plan and also God's will and purpose for my life. From these I understand that God has special plan and purpose for me, my family, the church and the ministry. I shared with the church members were really excited and were asking me if they can get some of this books for themselves to study. Brother in the Lord we are unable to get those kind of books and church materials like novals and Bibles. Pray for us so that God can provide for our need so that we can be well equip for God work.

Pastor Richard O. - Kisii, Kenya:

Hi in Christ. Today Sunday I preached on chapter 3 of your book about I might experiencing difficulties because I live in a fallen world. 8 people received Christ as their personal savior amen Glory to God.

Pastor Richard O. - Kisii, Kenya:

Amen brother may the Lord God bless you and the ministry abundantly. Great news yesterday I preach and teach using the books and 20 lost souls received Christ as there personal savior! Glory to our Lord God.


Jim, what a GREAT book! So many of my questions have been answered. My life and faith will be making some significant changes, in fact, it has already begun. Somehow "I feel different" now. Thanks again, and thanks for being my friend.

Pastor Cleophas - Uganda:

I wanted to let you know that we had 4 Muslims here in Uganda who converted to Christ after reading your book. After getting the good news, people here are eager to receive many more copies.

Pastor Charles:

I am so grateful and I thank so much Jim Harper who is teaching me more and more about the Word of God through His wonderful book “Understand God's will for my life" and this is really helping me in enlightening my spirit in my preaching ministry and anointing my gift to be a shepherd of His sheep.


After reading this book I gave my life over to Christ. Thank you Lord!


Your book has changed my life. I took 4 years of bible study classes, which I very much enjoyed, however, I had a difficult time understanding the big picture. Your book was simple to read yet gave great detail and guidance. I felt that God was speaking to me through your writing. I will be sharing your book with my friends and family and will ask that they do the same.


Thank you so much for giving me your book. It was so wonderful and a great treasure. When I went home for the holidays here in Rwanda I told friends and family about your book. I now wish for all of my friends to have it. God was speaking to me through your book. God bless you, I look forward to receive your next book.

Pastor Jean:

My ministry kindly confesses with our mouths that Jim Harper's book has spiritually lifted us up and brought us closer to the amazing grace of God. Jim has been a preacher to us even though he is not physically in Rwanda, but we pray that we will see him coming to Rwanda soon to teach us face to face. Jim's book "Understand God's will for my life" is truly amazing and is a great book that we have never seen before. His book will help convict and convert many hearts to Christ.

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