Language translation, printing, book distribution...

We need helpers and partners in every country in the world!

God will bless you for helping spread His Good News to others - people that you know, and also to people that you don't know. We need to reach everyone. Everyone on the planet. That's a lot of people, but God will help us if we have faith and become a spark, that tiny flame that starts a fire, a fire that cannot be consumed (chapter 6 explains this in detail).

If you have not listened to our song, please listen to it. Even if you have listened to it - listen to it again, and be reminded that someone as small as you is made for a mission.

Help us translate the book into different languages

We want others (millions of others!) to learn what you just learned in our book. To accomplish this we need to translate our book into as many languages as possible, maybe you can help? Our book is only about 80 pages (not including our footnotes/Bible verses), so it's not a huge task. We simply need your knowledge and your help. Would you like to help us?

Take a look at the translations available and in process at this time! You will see all the languages that have been requested around the world but we are waiting for someone to help with the translation!

Help us with book distribution

We also need to find ways of distributing this book to every city in every country in the world - maybe you can help us with distribution?

Help us with printing

Are you able to help us print our paperback book in a country outside of the United States? We need to get our paperback book printed as close to readers as keep the costs as low as possible (i.e., to minimize shipping costs).

Help with web site development (e.g., web pages in different languages)

We can add pages to this web site. Would you like to help us create pages in other languages? Maybe you can help us spread God's message in Chinese Mandarin, or German, or Russian, or French, or Spanish, or one of the hundreds of other languages in the world. On these pages we can include a download of our book that has been translated into these languages (maybe you help us translate as well?). Please let us know where you can help.

The easiest way to help - help financially

Or, maybe you can provide a financial contribution that will help us print more books? Be sure to read chapter 6 in our book about being an Igniter - an Igniter might be you. There is a special page on this web site about being an Igniter. You will learn about the significance of your choices and how you can make an impact on the world. God will bless you for your generosity.

Join our team

If you would like to help us, or join our team, please fill out our feedback form on our Send Us Feedback page.

Many blessings to you and yours for helping us spread the Good News to all corners of the world (i.e., being a Spark)!